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Eric J. Lott

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ATC Books & UTC, Bangalore


Religious Faith, Human Identity is yet another very different book. Based on the Teape Lectures (Cambridge) given at Delhi and other centres in India, this examines the various ways in which human identities are shaped, and critically examines the differing roles religious faith takes in this process. As well as a critique of 'the clash of civilisations' theory, ten crisis-points (secularism, globalisation, fundamentalism, conversion and the new Dalit consciousness in India etc), leading to 'dangerous dynamics', are examined. Reviewers' comments testify to the impression this book has made e.g. "formidable scholarship and deep sensitivity" (Jayakiran Sebastian, Dean and Professor at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Philadelphia); "a masterly study drawing often on S. Asia's rich religious traditions... captivating combination of realism and hope" (Prof M. Forward, Aurora University).


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